Exploring Food and Drink in London With @mikeeatslondon, July Roundup

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October 25, 2021
Exploring Food and Drink in London With @mikeeatslondon, July Roundup
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Attention Foodies!

24social are starting off a brand new monthly collaboration with London based food enthusiast @mikeeatslondon! We're super excited to share with you the best, now tried and tested places to visit around The City. Be sure to check out Mikes Instagram to follow him and dog Jasper!

Pizza Galore at Share a Slice

This month kicked off - literally and figuratively - with a Euros party at Pop Brixton, put on by the amazing team at Share A Slice. These guys not only trained in Naples under Master Pizzaiolo Enzo Coccia (yes ‘Master Pizzaiolo’ is a thing!) and now dish out some of the best Neapolitan pizza in town, but they also donate a pizza to the needy & homeless for each one sold - incredible stuff. As well as sampling some of their tried and tested regular menu - you need to try the pumpkin and nduja pizza, trust me - they also put on a range of Euros-inspired specials, ranging from the English ‘Fish & Chips’ pizza to the Belgian Nutella extravaganza. Share A Slice always blow me away with their creativity, and everything we tried really hit the spot. [caption id="attachment_443" align="aligncenter" width="750"]

Pumpkin and nduja pizza

Pumpkin & Nduja Pizza[/caption]Share A Slice have locations in Pop Brixton and at the Bussey Rooftop Bar - both fantastic venues for a night out with great atmospheres. If you enjoy heights, 24social have a great roundup of The Best Rooftop Bars in Shoreditch too. Pop Brixton has the bonus of lots of other food options around if you can’t settle on one, and the Bussey Building even has a rooftop open-air cinema![caption id="attachment_445" align="aligncenter" width="750"]

Bussey Rooftop Bar

Bussey Rooftop Bar[/caption]

Yeah! to Yeah Burger

They weren’t the only ones pumping out specials to celebrate the Euros though! Yeah Burger whipped up some very Instagram-friendly burgers themed around participating nations - from the Italian lasagne burger to the French camembert burger to the Belgian waffle burger. They’re based inside The Three Crowns in Shoreditch and the regular menu is well worth a look too!

Yeah Burger

Truffle in Town

London obviously has a lot going for it when it comes to burgers. One institution that you may be familiar with from the last few years is Truffle, known for its signature burger with raclette cheese, fig jam and truffle mayo. But their relatively recent bricks & mortar spot in Soho has chicken burger specials on the menu, and they’re INSANELY good!The Truffle Honey Chicken Burger is now in contention for my top chicken burger of all time. It’s packing twice coated buttermilk chicken thigh, bacon ketchup, truffle honey and whipped goats cheese. A combo made in heaven. Their new chicken bites are like fancy chicken nuggets on steroids in a sweet BBQ sauce too - awesome stuff. I’m a big fan of their amaretto + cherryade cocktail to wash it all down! [caption id="attachment_447" align="aligncenter" width="750"]

Truffle Burgers

Bottom: Truffle Honey Burger[/caption]

Care for a Darlish?

Truffle couldn’t provide dessert so I stopped off at Darlish on the way home - a swanky seasonal ice cream spot in Covent Garden, with flavours ranging from Saffron, Rose & Pistachio to Turkish Coffee. Super cool menu, though the baklava ice cream sandwich is what most people go crazy for.

Ice Cream from Darlish

Food + Festival = Happiness

If you asked someone what the foodie event of the year in the Big Smoke is, they’ll likely tell you ‘Taste of London’. After a year off due to the pandemic, the Regent’s Park food festival came back swinging this summer for two weekends of foodie fun. I was invited along as a VIP to the opening night and had a WHALE of a time!The atmosphere at Taste of London is almost worth the price of admission itself. Walking around the giant space - drinking in the sights of food stalls, masterclass tents and tons of people enjoying themselves - is a great experience. I just wish it was possible to try EVERYTHING!After a few too many champagnes and fancy canapes, we went on the hunt for the first brand to catch our eye. In this case, it was Instagram sensations Freezecakes (by Pleesecakes), dishing out frozen cheesecake from an ice cream van. This stuff is seriously tasty. I totally recommend it, and the likelihood is you can Deliveroo it from wherever you are! Next on the hit list were an nduja pizza from Napoli Gang and a ham hock scotch egg from The Felix Project - both hit the spot. Another quick dessert diversion via The Savvy Baker later and it was time for Eggrun’s signature sandwich, which is one of my favourites on the market at the moment. The combo of scrambled eggs, caramelised onion and their spicy secret sauce is just too much.

Scotch Eggs

To round off our evening we managed to snag spots at a tasting menu put on by Accor. They brought some top chefs to the table and delivered some seriously good grub - not to mention a gallon of wine!

Photo of Author

[caption id="attachment_458" align="aligncenter" width="750"]

Tasting Menu

Evening Tasting Menu[/caption]You’ll always be able to find me at Taste of London so long as it’s running. The food is great and the vibes are there to match it! Fingers crossed their Winter event will be returning this year too.

Japanese souffle pancakes take gold!

One spot that I’ll never get sick of talking about is Fuwa Fuwa. They were the first to bring Japanese souffle pancakes to the UK, and IMO they’re still by far the best in the biz. If you’ve not tried them before they’re most often described as “like eating clouds”. Soft, fluffy, airy, dreamlike. This time I brought my puppy Jasper along with me - he’s a bit of a cloud himself! - and tucked into my top two choices: the blueberry & yuzu cheesecake and the Lotus Biscoff special. The former is light & flavourful, the latter is thick and decadent, but both plates are phenomenal.

Fuwa Fuwa Japanese Soufflé

Selective in Soho

Soho was still a bit of a Wild West this month - streets crowded with outdoor seating, canopies and people in their thousands! But one spot I was happy to brave all that for was Rasa Sayang, a Malaysian & Singaporean restaurant on Frith Street. Their menu is super wide and diverse so it’s always hard picking just a few dishes! In this case, we went for the BBQ stingray to start, as it’s something you don’t see in many places and the sauce is to die for. The rest of our spread was full of classics from that part of the world: Hainanese chicken rice (some of the best in London), beef rendang, laksa, roti canai and char kway teow.

Author at Rasa Restaurant

Never disappointed by the food at this spot, and they have a great range of drinks and nice cocktails too!

Magnum pulls it out the wrapper!

You know Magnum? Of course you do. Well, they took Shoreditch by storm for a few days this month with their “Pleasure Sensorium” pop-up! Celebrating their double caramel billionaire ice creams - which are bloody delicious - it’s an experience that took you through how the other senses impacted how you taste. Sounds a bit mind-boggling and sciencey but it was good fun, and ended with them making a special Magnum to fit your “personal pleasure profile”. Mine was a “devoted indulger”, go figure! The pop-up has gone now but keep an eye out each Summer as Magnum usually have something mad going on in town…

Magnum Experience

It's roasting in Picadilly

Came across a bit of a hidden gem right next to Piccadilly this month too. You may have come across Coqbull (they’re in Spitalfields as well) but their Soho branch has an absolutely gorgeous rooftop terrace that’s surprisingly cool and sheltered despite being in the absolute centre of everything! I was invited to check out their Sunday spit-roast menu, and I definitely recommend checking it out with a few friends. For £13pp you get a ¼ chicken each plus slaw, mash, stuffing, corn and all the gravy you can imagine! Pretty decent value, especially for the location, and the food was all really nice. Great range of cocktails too, which is always important! If you don’t like a suggestive menu though, look away now…

Spread at Coqbull

Special experience with the specials menu

A restaurant that’s been on my hit list for literal YEARS is Tandoor Chop House near Charing Cross - an Indian place that’s famous for its Sunday ‘Mighty Thali’ sharing menu. I finally made the trip and let me tell you it was worth the wait!I was there to try out the guest chef special of the month, which was a delectable confit duck leg naan in collaboration with Chef Tom Cenci, and it was absolutely stunning. But the delights didn’t stop there as everything we ordered was honestly top-notch! The mains of Lasooni Paneer and Amritsari Crispy Lamb Chops were particularly fantastic. Strongly recommend this place - I’ll definitely be back!

Tandoor Chop House

Udon know how good this was

And last but certainly not least for this month: July saw the opening of Japanese udon & tempura chain Marugame, with their first branch in Liverpool Street! I’m a huge fan of udon (and all Japanese food really) so had been looking forward to this for a good while, but it actually surpassed my expectations. It’s set up as a kind of quick service/canteen restaurant where you flow through the counters - watching udon being cooked fresh in front of you and piling your tray high with tempura, condiments and more. It’s a really fun experience, and the best bit is that it ends with delicious udon!

Marugame Noodles

The real impressive draw of this place though is the value, with bowls of udon starting at £3.95 - bonkers, especially for the quality! Can see this becoming a new favourite, and they have several more branches on the way…