London Cocktail Week & the Best Cocktail Bars to Try

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October 25, 2021
London Cocktail Week & the Best Cocktail Bars to Try

The biggest cocktail festival in the world is upon us and the spotlight is on London’s bustling bar scene. As proposed government restrictions ease, London Cocktail Week is the perfect Covid-safe way to explore the ever-evolving city.

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What is London Cocktail Week?

Starting in 2010, London Cocktail week is a city-wide celebration of delicious cocktails in your favourite bars and clubs around town. Some of the best bars in London offer their signature cocktails and a plethora of options from prices as low as £4 a cocktail.

The usual dates for London Cocktail Week (LCW) run from October 6th to 12th, and in 2021, they have extended the celebration for the entire month of October. This post will you give some interesting hidden cocktail bars to try in one of the best nightlife cities in the world.

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How to Access London Cocktail Week?

The best way to access London Cocktail Week is to pick up a wristband so you can explore over 250 bars between the 1st - 31st October 2021. When you’re on the hunt for the finest drinks in the cocktail capital, you’ll no doubt pick up your favourite Pina Colada, Margarita or for the cocktail connoisseurs, a Long Island Iced Tea.

In no particular order, here are some of the more interesting cocktails with special deals offered during London Cocktail Week.

Farzi Cafe

In London’s West End, you can find deals from £6 for their signature Pink Velvet cocktail. A grounding mix of coconut kombucha, pepper gin and pineapple cordial make for a delicious cocktail to try.

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The Alchemist

With bars in Old Street, Covent Garden and Bevis Marks, you’ll find the tequila-infused Pop-sicle cocktail. The interesting cocktails from The Alchemist just got more exciting as these bottle-flipping cocktail mixologists whip up another genius fusion at new savoury discounts.

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

Like a secret underground spy base or a Batcave hidden behind a waterfall, this mysterious bar offers charming cocktails in a unique secret location. You’ll find this cosy underground basement bar hidden behind a fridge door at the Breakfast Club restaurant in Spitalfields. Enjoy their exclusive cocktails in this unusual bar with some delicious meal options to go with your discounted beverages during London Cocktail Week.

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Hidden in the bustling East London on Old Street lives the Nightjar. This bar plays live 1920s style jazz, blues, ragtime and swing music to match the underground candle lit venue and the finest world-renowned historic cocktails. Along with the rare cocktails offered at discounted prices during London Cocktail Week, you’ll also find a vast menu of spirits, vintage drinks, and delicious tapas and snacks.

Little Yellow Door

Walk too fast down All Saints Road in Notting Hill and you might miss the inconspicuous bright yellow door that opens up this cute little neighbourhood bar. Inside, expert chefs and the best mixologists in London deliver the party you’re after during London Cocktail Week.

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Dirty Martini

Famous for its unique cocktails and Martini’s including the mouth-watering chocolate martini and lychee martini, this dark and unassuming cocktail bar offers something completely new during London Cocktail Week.

You’ll find Dirty Martini bars in Covent Garden, Hanover Square, Bishopsgate, and in several other locations around London and the UK. During London Cocktail Week they are offering the Lady in Red martini served in a Nick and Nora glass for just £4 for anyone with a wristband.

London Cocktail Club

In the busy Clapham High Street lives a cinema-style basement bar with a Hollywood-themed spin on your cocktail consumed evening out. Step inside for a lively atmosphere and movie set styled booths with iconic blockbuster artwork lining the walls.

The eclectic cocktails blend with quirky cult-classic films to bring you a nostalgic inducing evening with delicious, discounted cocktails to boot. London Cocktail Week doesn’t get any better than experiencing bars like this, so grab a wristband and get lost in this immersive movie-magic experience.

Cocktail Tours During London Cocktail Week

London Cocktail Week offers tours to introduce you to new cocktails, bars and drinks across London. The chosen venues have been hand-picked by organizers and have all built world-renowned reputations for delivering the best drinks in excellent fashion.

Your key to the entire festival is your wristband. First, you should buy a ticket online, and you’ll receive a confirmation email from Design-my-Night, the ticketing partner for London Cocktail Week organisation.

When you arrive at the first bar you’ve chosen, you can activate your ticket with one of the bar staff, and they’ll hand over a wristband. Once adorned with a wristband, you can visit all the above bars and the 250+ options available during the month of October. The bands are washable, recyclable and will withstand all the drunken shenanigans you’ll invent during your intoxicated evenings roaming London’s best cocktail bars.

Tickets for London Cocktail Week can be purchased through Design My Night.